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Day 24: Fingerprints

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

My fingerprint has changed.

Lines condensed by toughening skin,

Scuffed with use,

Furrows filled with dirt that soap cannot reach.

My phone does not recognise me.

I tried so many times to log in to my mobile banking app

That they sent a new debit card

For fear that it wasn’t actually me:

This someone

Who bottle-feeds lambs three times a day

But showers twice a week;

Who connects pipes and taps

But washes hands in rainwater;

Who digs trenches

And shovels cow muck;

Who paints numbers on sheep

And eats hand-reared lamb;

Who walks among cows

And carries bales on her shoulder;

I have to use a code now.

But even as I hold fast to the date of my birth

I know that I am changing.

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