not 'there' yet - wherever that may be - but somewhere along the way



This is mainly a place for me to practise writing in a way that allows for the possibility of real-life readers.  I'd love to hear any feedback you have, either on the form or the content, so feel free to use the 'contact' section below - or subscribe at the bottom of the page!

I've split it into themes, and there's an option to see only my poetry - or alternatively, you can look at everything mixed up together.


Finding my Shape

She picks up The moon-shaped brick. How can she not understand that It goes through the moon-shaped hole? Yet time after time it is...

"Back to normal"

Don't rush on. There is time enough To let down your pretence Once in a while. Let the dissonance sit with you; Let the chaos of...


On Monday I had a class; took the bus to school without hesitation. I choose to grieve.

At Work

Friendly loud joking: seen This place I most belong


Home is A place without location But my feet know I’m there


The Twitter me Is bold and compassionate


My darling, Do not crank up creativity Before the time is ripe.



Thanks for your interest in PartWayThere. Feel free to get in touch with any thoughts or questions and I will get back to you soon!

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