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J is for Jesus

Her arm was locked inside one giant pink leg

of a table that blocked off all traffic

To and from what was later said to be

“A very busy junction in the centre of London.”

She was laughing radiantly, having the time of her life,

While thoughts of near future, the long hours ahead

Became inwardly peppered with elipses:

A night of ossifying joints on concrete...

And cold...

And hunger...

And thirst...

And exposed, one-armed toilet arrangements...

She spoke with passion

To the BBC

About injustice

And the urgent need for repentance: the changing of minds,

And in between interviews, chatted freely with me

As if it were a normal, sunny day coming home from work on the bus.

I opened bottle tops and scratched her arm where it itched

And noticed the way that in touching my hand

felt protective of the warmth in her skin

Desiring to unlock and free

(Get behind me satan)

But later,

when the police moved in,

I left.

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