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Updated: Jul 9, 2020

I lie on the beach my ear to the sand

listening to your waves

tumbling in eagerly forwards.

then lining the coast with a mirrored sheen

you’ll return to the sea.

you come, you go

you come, you go

a rolling ebb and flow

I smelled the Summer before I saw her

proclaiming beauty over us

exploding like magic

bursting eagerly forwards.

but lining the streets with her joy

she’ll return to the sky.

she comes, she goes

she comes, she goes

a rolling ebb and flow

we moved in here last year

boxes of panic and chaos filled the house

then giggling, crying, chatting, wrestling, hugging

we pushed eagerly on into community

but soon it’s time to go.

then lining my head with thoughts and memories

I’ll move on

and we’ll each return to the wind.

we come, we go

we come, we go

breathe in and out

go up and down

arrive and depart

come together and withdraw

Now I find a pattern, a rhythm to life

we come, we go

we come, we go

a rolling ebb and flow.

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