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Lament for the Yellowhammer

This poem about the environment, which is never popular because it's much too painful and terrifying a topic to really face.

When we do consider it, the conversation turns quickly to statistics, arguments and discussions about what we should do - and then we get on with our lives, as we must.

Statistics, arguments and everyone 'doing their bit' are all important, but if we don't allow ourselves to face the topic with our full selves - our emotions, our spirit and our body as well as our rational minds - then we will never effect the changes needed on time. Maybe we never will.

A Lament for the Yellowhammer

which have halved in number since I was little

How can I not Break down and cry Like the child who first Learnt to spot those feathers And say the word ‘Yellowhammer’

(After wondering why So weightless a being Was named ‘hammer’) How can I not fall down And beg forgiveness? Break.

How can I forget their Dancing through sunny afternoon hedgerows, In half-term hazel and buttons of light; An icon of delicacy

How can we Live in a world without The Yellowhammer?

Photo credit: https://ebird.org/species/yellow2?fbclid=IwAR1Mhmwymoi71ehsGE-V9B-TrVrk6TFhKaVD96g65-ViKMb1QC692q_Ob0Y

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