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How to talk about God

Moving from one form of church to another resembles learning a new language. The symbolism is different; the music is different; the people are different. Something I have not yet learnt is how to talk about God in my new setting. To be honest, I am wary about discussing God at all...

What are the right words for talking about God?

Words that are fervent or glib evaporate in the morning sun;

Even 'He' and 'She' are already so far away.

If I say the word 'Love' too loudly,

I forget the solid ground beneath my feet,

plunging my fingers into damp soil,

and the life-Oxygen that circulates my body

bringing tenderness,

the flexibility of limbs relaxing,

eyes meeting eyes that really see, really look.

Please do not tell me to pray every day

Or fill my head with lists of requirements,

Because these have little to do with

The surprise of happenings closer than my own mind

That are quiet,

As deep as my belly,

And as sporadic as snow.

What are the right words for talking about God?

Stories that vanish beneath the force of certainty;

Images that cannot be held;

The evening primrose unfurling at sunset;

A child vulnerable when the tantrum is over;

The settling of sand in water;

An out-breath,







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