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Day 36: Impressions

This week has been a blur of animal chores; shovelling shit; repeatedly taking off and on my jumper; deep & meaningful conversations; unending innuendos; terrible puns; even worse dinners; bottle-feeding lambs; cuddling calves; and pushing back against the exploitative in order to stay free of resentment.

It’s been a week in which the generosity of the other volunteers has been my fuel, standing out like a beacon against the draining ‘give a little, take a lot’ attitude of the hosts.

It’s been a week of learning: about the difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines; about ear-tagging sheep and breach-born calves; about fold-out tables and compost toilets; about hospitality; about assertiveness; about friendship.

This week I’ve glimpsed how much being a teacher has shaped me: taught me to leave a bad day behind but let a good day linger; shown me how to ask for what I need; given me the capacity for tough love that brings about good for others even while it makes me feel guilty.

It’s been a week of sudden hot sunshine and surprising temperature drops.

It’s been a week to be truly grateful for.

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